Disposition Services

Fleet Services coordinates the disposition of your vehicle at the end of its life cycle.

Vehicle Reassignment/Transfer Assessment

Fleet Services evaluates the remaining useful life on vehicles returned at lease termination. Vehicles considered to have an effective useful life are held for 30 to 60 days in Surplus Inventory, until a viable customer is identified who either may take over the existing lease terms or purchase the vehicle for fair market value (Kelly Blue-Book). Surplus vehicles not reassigned or transferred are sold at public auction.

Remarketing Assistance

Fleet Services assists campus department in identifying viable campus units seeking to purchase previously owned University vehicles from the Surplus Inventory, or wish to take over the lease terms on existing vehicle leases.

Underutilization Assessment

As a guide, when a vehicle operates less than 2,000 miles per year, or the cost-per-mile exceeds $1.25/mile, the vehicle is being under-utilized. Fleet Services assists campus departments with vehicle usage assessments. Annual assessments are recommended for cost-effective resource allocation.

Auction Services

Upon disposition of vehicles, Fleet Services coordinates the movement of said vehicles to auction house facilities, whereupon the sale, transfer, licensing and disposition of vehicles are performed.

All vehicles to be disposed of are sold at public auction. For latest information on auction dates, schedules and a listing of vehicles to be sold, go to Nationwide Auction.

Vehicle Replacement Planning

Fleet Services works with campus departments to develop a long-range customized vehicle replacement plans. This includes:

  • Assessment of vehicle application
  • Usage
  • Mileage requirements
  • Vehicle condition
  • Repair history
  • Maintenance costs

    Replacement planning can be performed periodically, upon lease termination, disposition or when existing vehicles do not meet with departmental needs.