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  • No coins/cash needed for payment.
  • No need to display a receipt on vehicle.
  • Less chance of parking citations (option to receive text reminders before your parking expires).
  • Pay for parking via a smartphone application.
  • All you need to register is a cell phone, credit card, and your car's license plate number. The smartphone application can save vehicle information, credit card numbers, and various parking zone locations.  
  • Drivers register online via a smartphone application. Download the app here or call the toll-free number (877) 727-5932. 
  • When you park in a pay station area, use the Parkmobile smartphone application or call the toll-free number. Key in your zone number, located near the pay station and here. The number is different for every parking facility and can be saved in the app.
  • Select the amount of time you wish to park. 
  • Parkmobile will send a text message 15 minutes prior to the expiration of your paid parking. You may select to add more time or return to your car on time. 

When you register, you sign up to pay by credit card using Parkmobile's secure site. Payments are usually posted the same day so you can log in to your Parkmobile account and see your parking transactions on your Parkmobile page.

Contact Parkmobile right away. Give them the details, and they'll help you sort it out. 

When you use the mobile app or call to start the parking session, you key in a zone number. Parkmobile's system recognizes your cell phone number, connects it to your license plate number and activates your parking in that zone. The Parking Enforcement Officer verifies your parking session by matching the license plate to the zone number. 

Parkmobile cannot stop motorists from parking in the wrong palce, taking up two spaces, or any other violations that may apply. Avoid tickets by activating your parking session, and don't stay beyond the posted time limit. Please read the posted signage in each parking facility to be certain that Parkmobile is in effect at the time you are parking. 

If you receive a ticket, please contact the Citation Review Office at (310) 825-2029.

Normal parking rates apply, plus a $0.35 convenience charge per every transaction you make.