UCLA Parking Rates and Fees

Short-Term Parking Fees 

Self-Service Parking Pay Stations are located in parking lots and structures throughout campus.Ranges from $1 for 20 minutes to $20 all day

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All Day Fees 

All day parking is sold at Information & Parking Booths, which only accept cash and BruinCard payments.

All day parking for campus and medical center areas.$12/Day
Accessible Parking for Individuals with Disabilites.$7/Day

Bruin Commuter Park permits (also sold to staff at eligible self-service pay stations).

Emeriti Ride Card Permits$6/Day

Note: All day parking is sold on a space available basis only 

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Student Parking
Permit Rates
Orange/Commuter Student Permit$243/Quarter
Residence Hall Student (Magenta) Permit$303/Quarter
Night and Weekend Permit$141/Quarter
Two-Person Carpool Permit$201 Total Fee/Quarter
Three-Person Carpool Permit$121.50 Total Fee/Quarter

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Faculty and Staff
Parking Permit Rates
Yellow Permit


Blue Permit


AP Blue/Accessible Permit


X (Preferred) Permit


Night and Weekend Permit


Weekend Only Permit


Clean Fuel Individual Permit (ILEV Only)


Two-Person Carpool Permit


Three-Person Carpool Permit


Four-Person Carpool Permit


Clean Fuel (ILEV Only) Two-Person Carpool Permit


Clean Fuel (ILEV Only) Three-Person Carpool Permit


Vendor Permit$252/Month
University Vehicle Permit$1,212/Year
Contractor Permit$252/running month
V/X Courtesy Rate Permit$67/Month
V Blue Permit$47/Month
Emeriti/Retiree VBL$150/Year
Night V Permit$36/Month
V Brown, VH Brown, 1 Brown, VBR Permits$47/Month
V Gold Permit$36/Month
DMLZ Permit$81/Month
Departmental Permit ("X", blue or yellow)$1776/$1212/$972/Year
Emeriti Permit$150/Year
Second Decal Fee


Second Decal Fee for Retired Emeriti and Retired VBL


Short Term Permits - Yellow Areas (Non-Contractor Rate). Issued for periods not to exceed two consecutive months (60 calendar days); permit is not refundable)


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Replacements FeesCurrent
Access Card Replacement$45
Decal Replacement$45
Decal and Access Card replacement$90
Decal and Access Card not returned to Parking Services$90
Decal and Access Card returned to Parking ServicesNo Charge
Replacement of Ride Card (Emeriti only)$45
Important Note: Fees apply to replace the access card and decal regardless of whether it was lost or stolen. 

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Other FeesCurrent
Parking Space Rental: General Campus$302
Parking Space Rental: Medical Areas$302
Transfer from one area to another due to change of departments or department relocationNo Charge
Transfer from regular parking to AP permit (staff or student)No Charge
Transfer from one permit type to another (i.e. yellow to blue, etc.)25%
Transfer from one area to another at individual's request (i.e. 8YL to 6YL, etc. )25%
Departmental Access Card$95
Departmental Access Card if access card number being replaced is known$45
RIDE Card IssuanceNo Charge
Administrative fee for cancellation of permit prior to effective date or permit not released$45
Administrative fee for returning prepaid guest parking permits$50
Daily Parking: Medical Areas$12
Daily Parking: Medical Areas (AP)$7
Daily Parking: Hospital Valet/MB/MP (In/Out)$22
7-Day Ronald Reagan/Valet Only$98
10-Day MB/MP Permit$93
25-Day MB/MP Permit$150
10-Day Conference Permit$120
30-Day Conference Permit$345
Administrative fee for processing "Notice to Appear" parking violations$250

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UNEX Fees (Fees apply to University Extension Customers) Current
Evening and Weekend Parking (includes NTUN, NTB, NTAP)$141
Weekend Parking (includes WDAP, WDUN)$138

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