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UCLA Recognized With Green Fleet Award for Environmental Responsibility in Vehicle Operations

Zero emission van

NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA), the vehicle fleet industry's largest membership association, has announced UCLA Transportation as a 2022 Green Fleet Award winner. UCLA Transportation received the top honor for the organization’s commitments toward using alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles, savings on traditional fuel, purchasing policy, long-range planning, and other areas.

The Green Fleet Awards recognize fleet organizations across the county that execute outstanding green initiatives. UCLA Transportation demonstrated positive efforts to better the environmental impacts of the university’s fleet operation.

Ranked third in the nation by NAFA among university vehicle operations, UCLA’s fleet reduces mobile source greenhouse gas emissions while meeting the essential mobility needs of the campus through several sustainability initiatives.

With a climate action directive to run a vehicle fleet that emits net zero greenhouse gases within the next three years,  UCLA Transportation's procurement policy is to increase the number of green vehicle options for campus customers.

Technology employed by the department also provides critical data on fuel usage, harsh driving, acceleration, and idling time, promoting proactive vehicle maintenance, which cuts back on fuel consumption and reduces overall CO2 emissions.

This latest national designation furthers UCLA Transportation’s status as a peak-performing fleet operation advancing sustainability.