BCC Zipcar Benefits

UCLA staff and faculty members who participate in an alternative commute program and are active members of Bruin Commuter Club are eligible to receive up to 4 hours of Zipcar usage each month. 

Zipcar Usage

  • Members may use up to 4 hours of Zipcar at no cost each month. Unused hours do not transfer to the next month
  • BCC Zipcar usage is limited to within Southern California
  • BCC members are responsible for costs accrued beyond the 4 hours each month provided by UCLA Transportation, any additional costs will be billed to the member


  1. Register for Bruin Commuter Club www.bruincommuter.ucla.edu
  2. Visit www.zipcar.com/bruincommuterclub
  3. Select to join as a participant in the Bruin Commuter Club through a personal account
  4. UCLA Transportation will confirm your eligibility and Zipcar will send your keycard along with more information once you are approved