Bruin Commuter Park (BCP) Self-Service FAQ

Bruin Commuter Park (BCP) Self-Service provides eligible Bruin Commuter Club (BCC) members who have BCP privileges another option to purchase a discounted daily parking permit on days when they need to drive to campus. Participants of the program can avoid waiting in line at campus Information & Parking Booths to purchase a discounted daily parking permit, and head straight to a pay station area to purchase a pay-by-space or pay-and-display permit. This self-service option is available in one of 12 parking structures and allows you to park in the designated pay station parking area. 

Yes, if you:

  • Prefer not to stress about having cash on hand when you drive up to the UCLA Information & Parking Booths or would rather pay by credit card (UCLA Information & Parking Booths only take cash or BruinCard payments, while parking pay stations accept credit cards).
  • Are arriving on campus when UCLA Information & Parking Booths are closed. 
  • Have "yellow" parking permit privileges in a specific parking structure/lot assigned to your BCP profile (email to confirm). 
  • Do not need to move your vehicle once you have parked until it is time to leave campus for the day (no in-and-out privileges). 
  • To join BCP Self-Service, please contact Bruin Commuter Services at (310) 794-7433 or
  • The hangtag is customized for you only. It will have the effective dates and must be displayed along with the daily parking permit to avoid citation.
  • You will also be given a pay station parking map and a user guide.
  • Park in a pay station area at your preferred parking structure/lot and take note of your stall number (Please note: Pay stations in Structure 3-South, Lot 11 and Lot 36 do not require you to specify a stall number).
  • Go to the nearest parking pay station to purchase a self-service daily permit. If prompted, enter your stall number into the parking pay station by using the number pad.
  • Select the Commuter Club option.
  • Enter your University Identification Number (UID).
  • Pay $6 using cash or credit card.
  • Return to your vehicle and display the parking permit face up on the driver’s side of your dashboard. Both your hangtag and the ticket must be displayed to avoid citation.

You can try another parking structure or return to the Information & Parking Booths during regular business hours to purchase a discounted daily parking permit.

  • Your BCP pay station hangtag must be displayed with the valid daily permit (purchased at a pay station). 
  • This service is not available for pay station areas at the School of Law, Parking Structures RC and 5.
  • Self-Service is for BCC members with "yellow" parking permit privileges only.
  • The free BCP pay station hangtag is non-transferrable from person to person.
  • If the free BCP pay station hangtag is lost or stolen there will be a $40 charge to replace it. 
  • If you are no longer an active BCC member, you must immediately return the free BCP pay station hangtag.  If not, the hangtag will be deactivated and be added to our department’s Lost & Stolen report. There are consequences for misuse of University property.
  • Take note of the effective dates on your hangtag. 
  • No in-and-out privileges once you have parked.
  • Parking Enforcement will issue warnings for non-compliance. If you receive a warning or citation from UCLA Parking Enforcement in error, feel free to contact BCS at