uberPOOL Flat Rate Promotion FAQ

UberPOOL is Uber's version of carpooling. It allows your Uber driver to pick up and drop off multiple riders who are heading in the same direction. And you'll get a cheaper fare by sharing the ride with others. 

UCLA has partnered with Uber to provide a flat fare to all students, staff and faculty who ride uberPOOL near campus. Between February 1, 2018, and May 1, 2018, request an uberPOOL for pick-up and drop-off within five miles from the center campus and pay a maximum of $5.99 for fares up to $15. For rides over $15, the additional amount will be added onto the flat rate (i.e., a $16 ride would only cost $6.99). If your standard fare is less than $5.99, you will only be charged for the lower fare.

To sign up, download the Uber app on Google Play or through the Apple Store. Register with your UCLA email OR log in to your existing account and update it with your UCLA email. Go to the Payment tab in your Uber app, and under Promotions, enter the code UCLAWINTER2018. Please allow up to three hours for the promo code to apply. You will receive a confirmation email once flat fares are active for your account.

Participants must have a UCLA email linked to their Uber account in order to use the code. 

You will get the discount as long as your pick-up location and destination is within the qualifying area (approximately a five-mile radius from the center of the UCLA campus). 

If your standard fare is less than $5.99, you will only be charged for the lower fare.

Currently, two riders are allowed per pick-up location. However, the individual ordering the uberPOOL must be a UCLA affiliate with a ucla.edu email in order to receive the discount. 

Any surge pricing fare amount over $15 will be added to the $5.99 flat fare. This means if your surge pricing fare is $20, the additional $5 will be added to the flat fare for a total cost of $10.99.

If your fare is more than $15 (this includes standard fares and dynamic fares for surge pricing during peak hours), you will pay the additional amount on top of the flat fare (i.e., a $16 ride would only cost $6.99).

For customer support, please submit an inquiry or request through the "Help" section in your Uber app. You can also visit Uber Help for additional assistance.