Construction and Traffic Impacts

Sunset Boulevard/Hilgard Avenue Project

Beginning on Monday, June 15, 2015, at 7 a.m., running through the end of July 2015, as the first phase of a LADWP project to install 385 feet of new trunk line adjacent to campus, several hundred feet of Sunset Boulevard west of Hilgard Avenue will be reduced to one-lane in each direction. Traffic on Hilgard will be shifted Monday, June 15 but beginning Tuesday, June 16, access to southbound lanes on Hilgard from Sunset will be completely closed.

Two subsequent phases will connect the new trunk line to existing infrastructure at the Sunset/Hilgard intersection and along Hilgard Avenue, ending south of Charing Cross Road. Click on the construction maps for further details.

This LADWP construction project will progress in three phases in order to reduce the overall impact to the area. The schedule is as followed:

  1. Phase 1: June 15, 2015 – July 2015
    Sunset Boulevard, west of Hilgard Avenue, will be reduced to one-lane of travel in each direction. Access to southbound lanes on Hilgard Avenue south of Sunset Boulevard will be completely closed.
  2. Phase 2: August 2015 – September 2015
    Hilgard Avenue between Sunset Boulevard and Charing Cross Road will be reduced to one-lane of travel in each direction.
  3. Phase 3: September 2015 – November 2015
    Hilgard Avenue between Charing Cross Road and Comstock Avenue will be reduced to one-lane of travel in each direction. The exit and entrance into campus from Charing Cross Road, will remain closed throughout construction.

The Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Metro and Caltrans are requesting that those who do not have a critical need to be in or near the vicinity of this construction project avoid the Sunset/Hilgard intersection entirely.

Motorists who must travel through the area during the dates listed above are advised to plan ahead, monitor real-time traffic conditions prior to their trip, and use alternate routes when possible. Motorists traveling on the I-405 are advised to use the Wilshire Boulevard exit and enter the campus through the south entrances. Motorists traveling eastbound on Sunset Boulevard should use Sepulveda Boulevard or Veteran Avenue as detour routes and motorists traveling westbound on Sunset Boulevard should use Beverly Glen Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard as a detour route to the south campus entrances.

Public Transit Impacts

Due to the construction, Metro Lines 2/302, 734 and 234 will experience temporary changes in their routes to and from campus. Please see the below maps on the updated routes.

As June 15 approaches, UCLA Transportation will provide additional information, including any designated detour routes and the times of specific lane reductions/closures. There will also be a few other minor construction improvement projects underway during the summer. Please visit this site on a regular basis for the most current information. If you expect to have employees, students, patients or other visitors traveling to or from the UCLA campus during the construction period, please advise them of these expected delays and to include additional travel time in their schedules.